Why Pelvic Floor Therapy is Important

Whether or not you have had children, expecting, or recovering in your postpartum journey, it is important that you take care of your pelvic floor. Things that can contribute to your pelvic floor dysfunction include long labor, vaginal or C-section birth, obesity, traumatic injuries to your pelvic area due to an accident, sexual abuse or trauma, constipation as a chronic condition, or menopause and aging. There are many things that can contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction, which can lead to an uncomfortable and inconvenient life. These symptoms can include: frequent bathroom use, constipation, straining pain during bowel movements, incontinence, urination that is frequent or painful, and/or constant pain in the pelvic regions such as genitals and rectum.

With all these concerns it is important to seek pelvic floor therapy to address and improve the pain, weakness, or dysfunction you are going through in the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor therapy can help restore movement, mobility and health. It can help your muscles function better which can allow blood to flow to connective tissue, which can improve mobility and function. Pelvic floor therapists can help you by teaching you exercises and stretches that can strengthen and stabilize your core and pelvic floor muscles. The goal with pelvic floor therapy is not to be a band aid to your symptoms, but to find the true problem, give you solutions, and give you the tools to help you have lifelong healing.

With the right physical therapy treatment, you can benefit by having lower pain levels, greater range of motion, corrected bowel and urinary function, increased sexual function, and reduced risk of chronic pain.

To get started, here is a freebie from Dr. Betty DeLass from Reborn Pelvic Health and Wellness that you can do at home. Reborn clinics are located in West Jordan and Lehi. 

Freebies from Reborn Pelvic Health and Wellness .

Along with Reborn, Pauli with Beyond the V is located in Pleasant Grove, and provides great in person and online resources, including No Kegels University. 

Beyond the V with Pauli Courses

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