How to Overcome Fears and Mental Blocks for Labor and Childbirth

Pregnancy can already be a hard journey and bring a lot of fears. For many of us, that fear may intensify as our child’s due date approaches. All the unknown and “what ifs” can consume and overwhelm us to a point that we can be constantly anxious, become depressed, and even lead to feeling physically sick or unwell. It absolutely normal to be nervous about childbirth, you are not alone there. But remember that your body is strong and incredible, it was built to bring your precious baby into this world. Yes, there are many unknowns and things we can’t control when it comes to labor and childbirth. But, this article is here to help you focus on what you CAN control and do to relieve the fears and mental blocks that come from labor and childbirth. Here are some things you CAN do to help with your fears and mental blocks.

  • Learn relaxations skills, breathing techniques, and meditations. These can help lower your mental blocks and fears by relaxing your mind and body, and can even help with pain management during labor and birth. Hypnobirthing class can help you in that goal. There are a lot of free resources on YouTube that can help you develop these skills.
  • Say and think positive affirmations and surround yourself with positive birth stories. It’s easy to be told scary birth stories from other people, but when you say positive messages to yourself through affirmations and expect the best of your birth experience it can lead to peace of mind. You can find amazing birth vlogs on YouTube and positive birth stories on podcasts, such as Pregnancy & Birth Made Easy with My Essential Birth, that can help you visualize a positive birth experience and overcome negative emotions and thoughts.
  • Take a birth class. It’s important to become educated on what kind of birth you want and where you want to give birth. Birth classes can help you formulate a birth plan, so that your spouse and your birth team and supports know how to support and help you. Being educated on the process of labor and birth can relieve a lot of fears and “what ifs”.
  • Create a Birth Plan. Like I mentioned, creating a birth plan can help relieve a lot concerns and help everyone get on the same place. Sometimes it’s even helpful to have a Plan B if something goes array. For example, let’s say you planned a natural birth at a birth center, but you need to be transferred for an emergency C-Section. Have a plan to go to a birth-friendly hospital and have a gentle cesarean to help you still have a bonding experience with your baby. It’s always good to have a backup plan.
  • Learn about pain relief or management. Whether you choose to give birth at a hospital or at home, medical or natural, it is important to learn and decide on what you will do help relief or manage pain. This can help relieve a lot of stress and unknowns that come about pain from labor and childbirth. Talk about what strategy would be best with your provider to help you in your pain relief or management.
  • Hire a midwife and/or doula. Both can be amazing supports and care throughout your pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. They can help you formulate a birth plan, or address your questions and fears you may have. Doulas especially can help you with pain management fears. Our midwives and doulas at The Utah Birth Place would love to help relieve the concerns and fears you may have about your upcoming labor and birth experience, click here to schedule an appointment.
  • Talk about your fears with a trusted adult. Sometimes writing about your fears or talking to someone you trust can help them get off your chest. Sometimes it helps us by saying them a loud to someone could you unravel where the fear is coming from and how to approach. It’s okay to fear and be nervous, but don’t let it overwhelm you and take action.

Remember, you do not have to go through this journey alone. Seeking support, surrounding yourself with positive messages and stories, and educating yourself will be the best tools you can do to help you overcome the mental blocks you may experience. You are strong, you are incredible, and you can do hard things. We are always here to help support you in your motherhood journey.

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