Creating your ideal birthing space:

The first thing is to think about what makes you comfortable. Close your eyes and imagine when you are stressed, in pain or upset, where do you go? What are you wearing? What smells do you like or dislike? What is the lighting? Is there anyone with you? What can you hear, if anything at all?

If you are like me, it’s your room on your bed. I love to lay in my bed with comfortable clothes on and a soft blanket. Sometimes I really love a heating pad on my back. I want dim lighting, and clean smells that are not overpowering. I don’t like floral or musky sense. I love to watch a fire or the flicker of a candle. I love having my husband or best friend sitting with me. I love to have my back scratched, or my hands and feet massaged. I also really love to have my hair played with. My favorite weather is when it’s raining. I love the smell and listening to it as it falls on the house and windows.

Chances are you aren’t going to want completely different things when you are in labor. The biggest thing that may change is temperature. You may end up really hot and want a fan and a cold washcloth.

These are all things to consider whether you plan to give birth at home, a birth center, or hospital. Take your favorite blanket and pillow, make sure you have your favorite pajamas and slippers. Keep in mind that you may be having cervical checks or access for breastfeeding. Lighting can be tricky depending on where you are, but not impossible! You can use projection lights that are battery operated of plug in. Also candles that are battery operated are great to have on hand. I carry some tea lights in my doula bag. String or fairy lights are a great option as well.

Some places do have restrictions on smells or essential oils. If you do have a favorite sent, putting it on a cotton ball or piece of fabric in a baggy is a great alternative. Having multiple playlists of music ready to go is a good idea. You will probably want one that hypes you up and one that is more relaxing. Or maybe you would rather like to have a sound machine. Do you want your partner or someone on your birth team to use certain phrases when they are giving you encouragement? Birth affirmations are a great tool to have written down and ready to go. You can make beautiful cards or just type or write them down for someone to read to you.

Visualization is a tool for a lot of women. You may want to make a vision board that you can look at. This may include pictures of places or family and friends. These pictures can also be included in the affirmation cards.

Share your vision with your partner and your birth team. That way everyone can help to facilitate your ideal space while you labor and bring your beautiful baby into the world!

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