5 Reasons to give birth at all birth center.

1. Birth centers feel like home

Birth centers have all the comforts of home without feeling like you need to host. At a birth center your room will have a comfortable bed, a large tub and a private bathroom. It’s the best of both worlds where you don’t need to clean before or after!

2. More Freedom

Birth centers don’t require you to stay in bed or be hooked up to monitors. You have the choice to labor in any position that feels comfortable to you. This also includes giving birth in any position.

3. More Choices

At a birth center you are welcome to eat and drink as long as you feel up to it. Midwives don’t have the hospital politics and are able cater to your wishes. Even giving birth in the water!

4. Cheaper

A common misconception is that a birth center is more expensive, when in reality they can be less than an insurance copay. You are paying for your birth team and the space directly, without paying a middle man.

5. Control of your birth team

With a birth center you are in control of who is present for your birth. You choose your birth team and can expect them to be there when you are ready for them. A birth center doesn’t have restrains on who and how many people you have in your space, unless you want it to.

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Photo by Julie Francom


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