Although birth is only one day in the life of a women, it has an imprint on her for the rest of her life.

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You want your birth to be treated like a life event- not an illness! You just want the freedom to birth the way you want! Your perfect birth is possible with the right support. Let’s get planning together!

Hi, I am Stacey Green

I am a birth and postpartum doula that is passionate about helping women have their perfect birth. I am a mother of three beautiful children. I love motherhood however, realized there were resources I wish I had during the first few years. Giving birth to my oldest sparked my love of birth and postpartum and my passion has continued to grow over the years. Opening a birth center has been a dream of mine for so long. I’m excited to be here for you and I’m honored to be on this adventure with you.

The Utah Birth Place is here to support women throughout their journey into motherhood. Whether that is finding birthing classes, a midwife, doula or additional resources. The Utah Birth Place is here with you!

Come meet the midwives!

Meet the midwives, mingle, get your questions answered and find your birth team.

Attend a Class!

We have many classes to choose from. Come to one or all, we would love to have you!

Book your Birth!

Let's connect! We can get together and create your perfect birth plan from your midwife, doula, pelvic floor therapy and so much more.

Join a Gathering!

At The Utah Birth Place you will find specialist in all things birth. There are midwives, doulas, a massage therapist, pelvic floor therapy, foot zone therapy, breathing classes and so much more. Whether you are just getting started or are postpartum The Utah Birth Place has resources for you.

Here you will receive classes and birth circles where you can share you experiences and not feel so alone. You are able to find everything you need in one spot for your next baby, including a beautiful space to give birth. We are kind and give  love and support needed for your entire journey.   Receive physical and emotional support. In a world where a pregnant mom’s needs often come in last, you are put first. Treated with respect, kindness and love, you are heard.


"I could not have asked for a more perfect birth story! I had such a great experience at The Utah Birth Place. I received so much support with everything from pregnancy to postpartum."

"I loved my birth at The Utah Birth Place. I found my amazing midwife and doula with them to make my birth team everything I wanted."


Are you looking to have your perfect birth story?

What does this mean? When you think about your birth, what does that look like? Are you dreaming of a water birth, you can do that with us. Or how about birthing positions out of bed, you are free to move around and get into whatever position feels the best for you.

Are you looking for a village?

Not only is your birth team part of your village but all of our staff is here to help you thrive as a new mother. We can also help you connect with like-minded mothers during our gatherings and classes.

Are you ready to be heard?

We will make sure that all of your wishes are not only listened to but that you are heard and understood.

Are you looking for your perfect birth team?

The Utah Birth Place will help you to find the birth team of your dreams. From your massage therapist to your midwife.

Are you wanting to give birth in a relaxing, customized birthing suite?

Our birthing suites are made to have all the comforts of home without the stressors.
The Birth Place

How did you hear about us?

Facebook, Instagram a friend? Come join one of our meet the midwives night, classes or gatherings. We would love to have you be a part of our village.

Have a night out, just the two of you. Dress up or dress down, we don’t care either way. Babes in arms are welcome to join in the fun.

There you will have the chance to meet and mingle with midwives and get all your questions answered. It’s a great way to interview your local midwives all in one place!

Get all the handouts to go through when you are home you can sit together, compare notes, and see if you both connected with the same midwife. 

Now that you know us, join us for a birth education and/or lactation class. We can also help you find resources to answer any questions that come up along the way.


Our birthing suite package starts at $1,000! The best part is you can bring the licensed midwife you are comfortable with! The Utah Birth Place will work with your budget to create a perfect package. You are welcome to add in a prenatal massage, a foot zone, and pelvic floor visits or whatever suits your needs best!

Schedule a consult to discuss personalizing a package for you!

Want a hospital birth?

Great! We have your perfect doula
and resources you need.

Want a home birth?

Awesome! We have your perfect team. Come in and meet your village.

Only want birth classes?

That's wonderful! We've got you covered. Come join one of our gatherings!

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